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 Come on you GIANTS

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Come on you GIANTS Empty
PostSubject: Come on you GIANTS   Come on you GIANTS EmptyMon Sep 15, 2014 7:44 am

Well we've probably got the toughest tie of the round but we're more than capable of beating Wigan provided we turn up and play for the full 80 mins, cant wait, hope we take a fair few over there to get behind the lads " Come on you GIANTS" you know we can do it Come on you GIANTS 21033 Come on you GIANTS 21033 Come on you GIANTS 21033 Come on you GIANTS 21033
 Be interesting to see if Mickey (dirty git) Mac gets a well deserved ban for his blatant display of "thuggery" on Thursday or will the RL turn the usual "blind eye" Also will the RFL decide to inflict the "clown" that is Phil Bentham on us yet again ? Mad  Mad  Mad  Whoever the ref is I hope the outcome of this tie is decided by the players and not some contentious decision made by some inept official.
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Come on you GIANTS
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