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 Do you know what is.

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Do you know what is. Empty
PostSubject: Do you know what is.   Do you know what is. EmptyMon Mar 31, 2014 9:57 pm

I apologise if this offends anybody but I have to say it. I've kept my tounge held for so long.

But I really am sick of what we call our fanbase.

It's actually got to the point where I dont want to come to games anymore.

These certain fans are like the Giants Police. And Yes they know who they are. Telling people that its wrong for them to leave a game, if they are playing bad.

It's them who pays good money to attend a game, just like you. They are entitled to leave if the team is playing bad. Why do you have to judge these people? Who made you so high and mighty?

And then theres other fans who shun you if you think the team is playing bad.

I will admit I see that we are going back to the Jon Sharp Era with how we are playing. But I haven't been able to admit it to people because of these said fans. I'm entitled to an opinion as much as the next person and I shouldnt have to feel im treading over a line.

ANOTHER THING what absolutley annoys the hell out of me is people blaming the refrees? Are you really wearing rose tinted glasses and just think our performances are the referees doing? Get a grip. It wasn't James Child who kept dropping the ball, it wasnt Silverwood at Catalan (Was it Silverwood?) that had rubbish defence? No. It's all down to us. Stop blaming referees and open your eyes!!!

Oh and finally those who call you a part time fan if you cant attend a game. This is one what REALLY gets on my nerves. I'm REALLY poorly right now and have been for the last month. On top of that, I cant afford to attend a game. But that doesnt make me a less of a fan.

Ok, I may be a little harsh with this post. But its just obversations I've made from other fans.

Im a fan of the Giants, I'm not a fan of the fans.

Theres a great number of exceptions this doesn't affect, ponner, shogun, bo jangles, matt01, Shelley Giant to name a few, but the rest. I just cant bare to deal with. Specially the high and mighty ones.

Again sorry if this causes offence. I just need to get it out of my system. But hopefully leaves some food for thought of how much of a shambles our fanbase actually is.

PS: if any of this doesn't make sense.. I'm sorry. When im ranting everything just comes out.
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Do you know what is.
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