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 Young players

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GB Player
GB Player

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PostSubject: Young players   Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:45 pm

For the first time in a while we have young players in the side who look well capable of holding their place, and not going to be replaced till someone can show they deserve it more, Non have been a let down and you really feel that given enough games they are really going to get better. I have never been a Lee fan particularly but i have to say he was quite good in the time he was on the field on Sunday, I know Eden made a couple of mistakes and is still finding his feet but he has the look of a very good player too me, he is a solid lad but has a great turn of pace and i can see him becoming a regular choice,

If Grix is to be stand off i can see Eden and Murphy in contention for the fullback birth although either one could be Centre material, I thought K Brown did ok on Sunday, whether Grix will be permanent or a Improvement remains to be seen, Widnes were a very poor outfit to be honest and we will have a much better idea of where we are at next week, We do look Lightweight in the pack and that will change depending on how the Injured men fit in when they are fit, but we also look a faster all round side, which is what N Brown was claiming we would be, All round despite Widnes being very very poor I was very encouraged by what i saw yesterday.
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PostSubject: Re: Young players   Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:08 pm

Couldn't agree more Bo. I wasn't too chuffed with the signings of George and Tommy Lee but I have to say so far i've been more than happy with them. I'd heard good things about Eden from my Cas fan workmates and I can see him being a fans favourite in time if he learns to respect the ball a little more. He's a decent size lad with a good turn of pace. The biggest surprize to me so far this season is how far Fairbank and Walker have come on. Both decent size lads and at a tender age for that position who tend to come into their own in the late 20's. After not looking forward to the start of the season due to a lack of quality signings i've already been won over and can't wait to see hoe they go on Saturday on probably one of the toughest packs in SL.

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Senior Academy Player
Senior Academy Player

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PostSubject: Re: Young players   Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:05 am

I was actually pleased when we re-signed George as I always thought he had real potential & he's a Hudds lad to boot so no drama there for me. However I was not at all pleased when it came out that we'd signed Tommy Lee but to be fair to the lad he's gone well in the first 2 matches.

The 2 lads at prop have been a revelation so far. They've both done exceptionally well & I'm delighted.

The only one of the new signings that hasn't really impressed me so far is actually Chan. He hasn't made nearly as many meters as I would've guessed & he's given away some dozy penalties too. But I'm giving the lad a chance, he may be a slow starter & it's only Round 3 this week. Still early doors.
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Junior Academy Player
Junior Academy Player

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PostSubject: Re: Young players   Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:41 pm

I am bearing in mind that Widnes are a poor team and we were able to have our way but I thought Eden looked fantastic.No fullback has been that involved in attack for us save Brett Hodgson He was always involved, always willing and despite a couple of mistakes looks to me like a real star. Think we will need a bit more size and experience his week and I would be tempted to put Mason in in place of Fairbank this week, I would also like to see Faiumu playing again. Difficult to say who would be left out when all are fit and I think we are in a wonderful position. When you think of the young english players in our back line you really have to credit the club. Then think there are players like Johnson, Farrell, Gorman, Walker etc ready to come through soon in the next couple of seasons - brilliant! My first choice 17 would omit Lawrence, Gilmour, Lee, Ferguson, Murphy, Walker, Tonks and Fairbank - that is some squad.
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PostSubject: Re: Young players   Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:42 pm

I knew that george had the quality for our side and he can finish as good as hodgson and he has more pace.

Chan for me looks decent and my only worry for him is how many stupid penalties he gives away but browny will sort that out.

Lee i was a bit off with when he first joined but at wigan and widnes he has played well and glad we have cover in the areas we stuggled in last season.

Eden is a very good fullback. Saw him play for cas once and was not impressed. He has made a couple of mistakes in each game but soon moved on and i feel that if brown wants to play at 6 then murphy may be struggle as eden will be our number 1.

Walker and fairbank have been amazing. There both young lads who just wants to do well and for me would still play in our 17 against wire

I agree i would put mason and faimu in the side and wouold drop ferguson and lawerence
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PostSubject: Re: Young players   

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Young players
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