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 Davy`s apology in`t Examiner

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PostSubject: Davy`s apology in`t Examiner   Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:03 pm

To be serious -and it certainly is barring a miracle , lets take off the rosy specs

1 We`d had the "shuffle" tactics kicking in just prior to the announcement
2 After showing Brett the door (for reasons not confirmed to the fans ...uuummm) we slot Grixy in at FB and most say "he`s doing OK -- quite happy !!!" but then hey ho here we go!!
3 "Someone" then decides we`ll go for Eden and we`ll pop him at FB and where do we move Grix --oh pop him at SO and lets give Kev a run at LF -sounds logical as LoD is out for a bit
4 .............. and then move
5 ...............and then move etc etc etc

For those who went to Perpignan
I felt it was a flat performance there --but ok
Many return pointless
Long Journey
Away from families etc

Then the slide started

And the shuffling continued

(and was allowed to continue.................... why oh why ???)

We are in all but name a LTD CO
and decisions that look so sweet re "cheap" season tickets only really benefited the faithful
The 10000 never transpired --and is / was never gonna do without some silverware IMO
"Outsiders" aint gonna be converted if the clubs name isnt engraved on summat --sad but fact
Oh --season on season we`re improving so ............
Sorry in Hudds .....doesnt count believe me !!

So when the 1 win in 7 enters the calcs -- and theres talk that ST`s will have to return to realistic prices ---theyre both going the wrong way --even for the staunchest fans on hard times !?

So sorry folks good KD subsidising the injured donkey
Solve it !

1 You cant have NB with a foot in both camps --just imagine if Saints had reached the semis and ...................(doesnt bear thinking about!) But its happening --so lets move on!

2 Weve heard the "best coach Ive ever played under" quotes
The changing rooms a happy place etc etc
It surely isnt at the moment as KD`s apologising
So whats happened
Will the fans be told -I doubt it
But hey we`re in a mess and its painful to watch -- but by the way get yer wallet out as we`re gonna put it right - and as such it`ll cost you that bit more to support

Its not even sales blurb
If the vac isnt working -- you`re gonna struggle to sell the new model at a higher price

Sorry --at the moment --unless ALL concerned get a grip and win Sunday and after that as well -- were in a bad situation
And IMO it aint the fans fault its like this

I initially had a bus of 49 going to Salford which has sadly dwindled to 19 !!
I hope Ivor hasnt had the same reaction as I know he too has worked hard drumming up support

Why as it occurred ?
Because recently - as a team with serious winning aspirations --we havent turned up -dress it up any way you like!!
Seriously why should they --many who were "Possible future converts"

Sorry KD
We`re often asked to "bring a friend" in a sincere attempt to boost our franchise credibility

We only stand a chance of doing that if the teams giving credible performances
We arent party to "board room " decisions - we just turn up and pay up
You are in charge of the board who appoint the coach and sign the players who the coach selects and its clear to most posters that since the France trip and on --it aint right whatever the press columns say

But please dont apologise
Performances like we`ve seen -you, like us, cant do anything about once the lads are kitted up

But please find out why its come to this and sort it - theres more to this I feel than a drop in form --its more like strike action !!
Id like YOU personally to talk to those who are going to be here next season
You know who THEY are if we`re not sure
If theyre unhappy --try find a solution -and for the benefit of us all who`ll be still behind em for the rest of the season --ASAP
And if we cant totally reverse the situation on Sunday -lets at least give a good showing
We could still resurrect our season but those who run the club and those who`ll represent us on Sunday hold the key now
Tell em to forget the distractions and show some pride in the C and G and tell em to turn up for those of us who are turning up
Then we can hopefully put this avoidable episode behind us and the attendance figures YOU long for have a greater chance of coming to fruition!
I and many others really hope so !
Whats others reaction to this??
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GB Player
GB Player

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PostSubject: Re: Davy`s apology in`t Examiner   Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:43 pm

KD has nothing to apologise for.

He has poured vast amounts of money into Fartown. He only deserves support, hopefully the others connected with the club will return his faith and give him reason again to be proud of the club and get to the final so he can lead them out at Wembley.
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PostSubject: Re: Davy`s apology in`t Examiner   Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:42 pm

Well we have read all the stuff from the players and the coach often enough in the Examiner to know them backwards PG, So for the one man who really doesn't owe anyone an apology, to be making one in public demonstrates how serious the issue has become ( should anyone have had any doubts )

The only thing i would question K Davy about is the depth of his patience, I can't think there are many owners that would have stuck with his staff as well he has , I shouldn't think there will ever be anyone who can say that he hasn't given them a fair crack.

He showed the same kind of support for our former coach when everyone was calling for his head, Funnily enough for the same reasons as they are now calling for N Brown to go, but eventually he said enough is enough and we had a change, I well remember some of the things that were done under the previous head coach and to me they boarded on the ludicrous at times, and for my money turned Thormans performances at Half back into joke performances at Fullback.

N Brown for reasons best know to himself has gone down the same road, with players being converted from their natural position to playing various other rolls which has achieved the same results, I doubt we shall ever really know what has gone so seriously wrong, but wrong it is and K Davy is the man who has unfortunately got to find a solution to a problem he has had little to do with creating

For my money N Brown has shown his capability to turn good players into very good ones, he seems to have the skill to bring out the very best in them individually, in some cases into Internationals, This was a feature of his first season with us, he molded players into a team that people thought was a team who could at last go somewhere given a bit of time, Sadly last season and this we went down the big squad route, with players in some cases getting little or no game time, and as many as 7/8 position changes to cover for one injury, I have never understood how a player can be moved out of his natural position, If he is not good enough to play there ,how then can he be expected to be good enough to play in someone Else's position.
In the end if enough of this kind of tinkering is done we end up where we are now, ie! relying on Brough or Eorl or someone else to have a brilliant game and pull out a result.
There must be more reasons than what i have stated here, It has to be a bit more complicated I'm sure and one other thing that must have had direct influence is the ( I'm going, no I'm staying ) carry on, and for me a head coach who announces he is going home to Os and then signs for one of our competitors half way through a season is acting in a very unprofessional way and the amazing thing is that KD has put up with it and actually backed him.

As fans we can read the Examiner about not playing smart rugby or we need to play for each other ,Or any of the other hundreds of articles we have read so many times they have become boring, We can read how it is N Browns lowest point, ( i and plenty others could tell him a few things about low points ) At the end of the day we can please ourselves and just say enough is enough and not go to the game ( which is what more and more people will do ) K Davy can not so easily say that ,he has invested a lot of time and Money in the club , He must be desperately disappointed with what is going down at the moment and to make public apologies for other peoples failings speaks volumes for the man, Yes he will have season tickets and crowd numbers on his mind but what club owner doesn't.

I have nothing but respect for him, if for no other reason i pray we can beat Warrington for him, he has had precious few great days in return for his input, I just hope the people about him have taken on board what he has said.

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PostSubject: Re: Davy`s apology in`t Examiner   

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Davy`s apology in`t Examiner
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