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PostSubject: RFL   Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:33 pm

You have to wonder if they are with this latest idea of 24 into 8-8-8, there will be some who will like this idea of course and that's their choice, IMO it's pretty much madness and looks for all the world like a desperation move.
Having more or less sold the game to Sky ( very cheaply ) or at the very least become totally dependent on sky to the extent that if Sky pulled the plug the game would go down the pan ,in the form we know it today, they appear to be in panic mode.
I don't know any other sport that has tampered with the rules more than Rugby league and it has not stopped at the rules, we have had so many different structures to the Leagues that it's not easy to keep track, The sport is well over 100years old and it has not as far as i can see moved forward in any real sense whatever off the field, Internationally the Aussies are so far ahead of us that we have practically lost sight of them, and they now make the rules for the game and the RFL follow suit.
I saw somewhere this week that Toyota has supplied 40 cars for the staff at RFL headquarters, i don't know what they are getting in return and i have nothing against it , but it seems a bit strange to be getting half a million pounds worth of cars for HQ when we still have no sponsor, on the back of the absolute shambles of the stobart deal.
I am beginning to think they just run the sport on a day to day basis,stumbling from one knee jerk reaction to the next. After well over 100 years we are still basically a Yorks / Lancs sport with less species than we had 70 years ago( for one reason or another ).
 Much as i hate to say it , we need people like the one's running Union they have the right people in the right jobs, they get 100 times the media coverage that League get, The game get's presented 100 times better on TV, get lots more money from Sky, and fills stadiums for Internationals, The standard of reffing is light years ahead of League, And all this despite have a far inferior game.
 All this leads you to wonder what the people at Red hall are doing for their money, apart from riding in their new Toyota's, and dreaming up ever more quick fit solutions to leagues problems, I wonder if It's ever crossed their minds that they might be the problem
 I have a strong feeling that it won't be too long before a group of Super league clubs break away from the RFL, It nearly happened once before, Sky are not interested in anything other than S league and they won't care who they deal with.
 All that of course will depend how much is in it for the top 12 teams, and there are noises that this 8-8-8 thing has a strong chance, If it does you can bet your life that Sky will have to give it the thumbs up, for me it would throw up far more problems than it would solve, but the RFL will have to find them out for themselves.
 What they don't seem to have grasped in over 100 years is that League is a distant second to soccer , Only in Y/Lancs does it have any credibility at pro level, South of France could have a chance, London i would say is getting ready to be cut adrift, I would love it to be otherwise but there have been so many failed attempts to spread the game i have forgotten them.
If they ever do manage a magic formula to kindle some interest ,i would think Mr Davy would love to know what it is, because he has exactly the same problem.
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