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 Times they are a changing

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PostSubject: Times they are a changing   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:32 pm

Just watched it on U tube, What a pedestrian side Fartown were that day, If i turned up to watch that stuff today i would be looking for my money back, I had forgotten just how bad they could be, how on earth they only lost by 6 points to Wakefield I'll never know, The strange thing is that i didn't feel like that on the day, Me and 92,000 other fans thought it was an ok match and if spanky could have kicked his goals we would not have lost, From that day i have always thought that the only reason we lost was Neil Fox's drop goals, now i have watched it again i know how much better a side they were, There was no lack of effort from Fartown but what a boring dreary side they had turned into after the class of the fifties, They still had some good players ( Wicks Smails Bowman close Noble ) and more, but what a poor brand of Football they played that day, Inidently neither Wakefield nor Fox looked anything like as good as i remember them either, and they were arguably the best side around in them days. On top of that Wakefield were offside just about the whole game so they were just so quick up to the tackle, and Fartown had no answer.
It's worth a watch sometime if you have a hour or so, just to see the difference in the game then and now, Also watched the 1979 semi Wakefield and Saints which is definitely worth a look, the game had moved on a lot by then, Great finish to that game.
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Times they are a changing
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