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 Danny Brough

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PostSubject: Danny Brough   Wed May 01, 2013 2:00 pm

When you consider he came here with a reputation as a bad boy, who was going to cause all sorts of problems, and have players at each others throats, He hasn't done right bad,and responsibility seems to agree with him. Of course much of the talk about him came from Wakefield and can be put down to sour grapes.
He's an excellent player and most definitely one of the more successful signings of recent years,He has for my money got a good all round game, there's more to him than just kicking, although that plays a big part. He doesn't seem to get too many injuries ( hope i haven't put the mockers on him) and he can ,( and often is ) a game changing player, Don't know when he's off contract but i hope somebody has a eye on it.
I would love to see him with a top class SO alongside him, ( still think Robbo is better at Hooker ) That's just MO about Robbo, and anyway top class SO's are very thin on the ground, but again i hope we are still looking.
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Danny Brough
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