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 Widnes game

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GB Player
GB Player

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PostSubject: Widnes game   Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:12 am

Based on current form and the quick turn around I would shake things up a bit and see what happens? Btw not all players dropped/rested due to form, but to keep things fresh.

1. Grix
2. Jerry
3. Leroy
4. Lawrence (supposed to be fit and it might be easier for him to come back at centre first)
5. George (Murphy did nothing wrong, but looked to be limping in the final quarter)
6. Brough (if fit otherwise give the kid Miller or Connor a chance)
7. Robbo
8. Fielden
9. Lunt
10. Koppy
11. Ferres
12. Fergy
13. Eorl

14. Faiumu
15. Patrick
16. Ta-ai
17. Fairbank
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1st Teamer
1st Teamer

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PostSubject: Re: Widnes game   Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:18 pm

Good today,at least we are getting it wider at last,but still there is confusion between decoys and receivers,running wrong lines and timing of their runs meaning the halves(Robinson especially) having to turn back inside and take the tackle.

That won't be anywhere near good enough if we we want to beat Wigan or Warrington.
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Widnes game
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