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 Where next posters

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PostSubject: Where next posters   Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:38 pm

Stepping back and looking where we`re at as a longstanding supporter like many on here ,and a few thoughts of whats next ................and a few questions!

Regarding tomorrows game and Kens apology in the Examiner this week
He didnt have to apologise for that performance in my view –but cant argue that he probably had an empty and betrayed feeling in the pit of his stomach

What happened internally following the recent run of events –we will never be party to without someone blowing the whistle (and I dont mean Silverwood and Co)
But on the face of it –its still status quo and life goes on as normal

Has he this week got to the root of this loss of form and taken steps to give US some more positive hope that things can be turned round
Are those closest to the causes whispering behind their hands or talking straight which to me is the only way we can go forward
Has he spoken to players and coaching staff separately so that neither feel unable to voice their true feelings We wont know!
We hear a lot of positive spin even now but from comments I have heard and read the fans (on the outside as normal) sense that a lot of this is propaganda hype
Have the players still got confidence in the departing coach and/or team spirit between themselves on a separate level . If theres a lack of the former then in this massive game tomorrow -- let THEM voice a true version of what they consider the best combination of those available and in the correct positional format
If THEY then have confidence in that –they have the incentive of a Wembley appearance to sweat blood and prove to all us and KD whats been going wrong
What is there to lose . Not condoning player power but they are professionals now in the true sense of the word –Its not been bad for the Bulls – so why not give it a crack
If it “comes off” and its carried through to the end of the season KD is happy –the fans are happy – and NB would leave on a high
If it doesnt –not NB`s fault ! and hey it cant get MUCH worse
If we stick to the recent well worn format that to me gives indications of a man “desperate” for success but not knowing the best way of achieving it – then it could be even one more nail in the coffin . But what will it matter when hes already got a job confirmed that cannot be affected by our season results
It may or not be putting doubt into the minds of many at his new employers but WE can either move on from a successful position that CAN be attained after tomorrow or from a negative position caused by a lack of change or some positive action that seems we drastically need at present

For those making the trip with the aim of (as Daz and Rabbitoh say) shouting themselves hoarse I sincerely hope its the former .
Cmon lads –we`re right behind you –dont let us and KD down Get your bums in gear and give it your best shot !
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PostSubject: Re: Where next posters   Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:43 pm

Where next depends on the result and performance tomorrow.
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Where next posters
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