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GB Player

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PostSubject: Tackling   Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:55 pm

I was taking particular notice of our tackling in the middle of the field last night, The reason i was doing so was because as mentioned on another thread i watched the 1995 CC game against Halifax on disc and i wanted to compare the difference then and now, We were in a lower league than Fax at that time and were expected to have little chance, We beat them very easily in the end and the game was not dissimilar too last nights,

There were some very good performances from the Giants that night, and Lee St Hilaire (funnily enough a Hooker who was playing at Hooker ) put in a cracking stint of tackling, as did most of the team, It's what was responsible for winning us the game In contrast last nights pack was for much of the time an embarrassment in the tackling department, After 20 minutes during which Eorl and Fa-alogo tried hard to get on top, the pack was by and large shot for go forward, though Patrick did try in his time on the field.
In defence they were all very very poor, they weren't so much tackling them in the sense you see Wigan do ( and HKR last night ) where you see them meet the man hit him hard and try to knock him backwards, We more sort of catch him, or Field him as he hits our line, and even with three men in the tackle the Hull men were still dragging us on for a further five yards, I noticed that our defenders did more going backwards after contact, than they did going forwards before contact, It was all 2 steps forward wait to be hit and then 5/10 steps backwards.
No doubt when you are being hit by someone who is a lot heavier than you it takes it's toll, which is where N Browns team selection comes into it, Lee St Hilaire wasn't getting knocked backwards all game long in that challenge cup game , but then he had players like Andy Pucill ,Basil Richards, Dave King and Mick Taylor around him rather than a few more Hookers, and the whole lot of them were hell bent on knocking Fax down, rather than dragging them along the ground.

Not too long ago we had a big pack who could hold their own with anyone, now we have a pack full of Centre's and Hookers , we are just too lightweight i suppose , If Lunt was still here he would also be either propping or second row,
I'm beginning to understand now why there are no jobs coming up in Oz for N Brown, guess he's going to end his days here like he did at St George.
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1st Teamer
1st Teamer

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PostSubject: Re: Tackling   Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:57 am

I think this is a fair comment ,it's obvious our defensive intensity has dropped off during this slump,as well as our line speed.The tactic these days is for the first defender into contact to 'bear hug' around the upper arms of the ball carrier and in so doing wrap the ball up,but if they don't get this technique correct the ball carrier can slip out of that grasp and make that vital extra 2 or 3 metres.
Watch that guy McIlorum for Wigan though he is strong as an ox and can control the upper body of the ball carrier on his own,before others join in to complete the tackle

The alternative of a defender driving the shoulder hard into the abdomen area does of course allow the arms of the attacker to be freed for a possible offload.

I think it's also fair to say that we don't hit hard enough in the collision just now.Maybe the likes of Feguson and Bruno,though I rate these players in many ways,they need to get more aggression into their defence.Can't recall the last time a big hit in defence from one of our players got me out of my seat applauding.

Watch a backrower like Westwood at Warrington,he goes into contact to hurt opposition players legally (occasionally illegally)

It's easy for those sat in the stands to say they should hit harder,but if the players want to beat the likes of Wigan & Warrington,they know they are going to have to,if they do want to have a medal collection at the end of their careers.

I think NB did right to put Robbo on the interchange for the last game,as he was getting targetted up the middle.He doesn't shirk any tackle,but his lack of stature means he does get knocked backwards in the collision.That is not to say he ever drops off tackles,no one could ever doubt his bravery.
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