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 Reindeer Race Night 2011

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PostSubject: Reindeer Race Night 2011   Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:28 pm

Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association - Reindeer Race Night

What a tremendous evening. Turnbridge was packed and anticipation ran high.

To start with, we must give Santa a huge 'Thank You' for loaning us six of his reindeer. He arrived early and left them tethered in the stables round the back of the club. They were all extremely well behaved and had obviously been 'house trained'! What a bloke!

We all thought that Santa had a previously arranged appointment, but this had been cancelled at the last minute for the man himself returned to host the event. He thoughtfully employed a series of volunteers from the audience to help steady the reindeer and guide them through the races.

The tote staff were busily employed throughout the evening, with an enthusiastic race crowd quite willing to throw their well-earned coffers down the drain. Erm, correction. The audience willingly came forward to place bets on the racing reindeer. As none of the animals had taken part in such an event before, form was of little use and betting was somewhat blind.

At one point, the reindeer were so shattered that a well-deserved time-out was called. The crowd took advantage of this and retired to the rest room where an over abundance of human fodder was waiting.

Suitably refreshed, the reindeer returned to the paddock and the audience took their seats once more in the stands for the resumption of the festivities.

As agreed, Santa gave up the rights of ownership for the final race, and members of the assembled throng were invited to assume temporary stewardship. The resulting auction created an air of excitement in anticipation of the 'Race Of Winners'.

True to form, all the reindeer gave a good account of themselves in the ultimate event of the evening. The crowd went wild as the race drew to its enthralling climax. The winning reindeer was paraded round the paddock, revelling in the adoration of the masses.

In a nutshell, an excellent evening was enjoyed by one and all, with thanks going to:
- Turnbridge WMC for hosting the event;
- the catering ladies of Turnbridge who provided an absolutely superb spread;
- the organising team from the Supporters Association;
- and finally Santa, for the loan of his reindeer and actually turning up to host the extravaganza.

See you there next year.

Photos are here.

Next event, Robbie Hunter-Paul, Tuesday 17th January at Turnbridge.
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Reindeer Race Night 2011
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