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 Heritage Project

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PostSubject: Heritage Project   Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:46 am

In 2014 Huddersfield Giants RLFC celebrates:
its 150th anniversary
the centenary of the club's 'Team of All Talents', one of only three teams ever to win all four available trophies in one season.
the centenary of Albert Rosenfield's 80th try in one season.

2014 is also, of course, the centenary of the start of World War I.

To commemorate these anniversaries, Huddersfield Giants is embarking on a heritage programme. At present the programme has achieved stage 1 funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. For the project to proceed in its entirety stage 2 funding is essential. This is where the supporters come in. To achieve stage 2 funding the project requires letters of support and evidence of volunteers who are prepared to contribute to the scheme.

More information can be found on the Supporters Association's website here.

Please help the club by completing a couple of questionnaires [please print 1 pdf document from here] and returning them to Laura Hanson at the club.
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Heritage Project
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