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 Did you go to Catalans?

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PostSubject: Did you go to Catalans?   Tue May 03, 2011 10:16 pm

If so, is it recommended? Always fancied going but never had the money spare to take the family. Is it a good weekend?

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Senior Academy Player
Senior Academy Player

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PostSubject: Re: Did you go to Catalans?   Wed May 04, 2011 6:28 am

Yes, went and enjoyed despite the result. I stayed in Perpignan which was good but pricey. The vast majority seemed to stay in spain, there seemed about 5 times as many giants fans at the game as were staying locally. Not sure how much of Perpignan those who stayed in spain saw.

I am glad I sampled Perpignan itself but would also consider spain in future, there is probably more tp do for kids there.

Will certainly gp again, but not every year - down to cost
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Senior Academy Player

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PostSubject: Re: Did you go to Catalans?   Wed May 04, 2011 7:33 am

I went last year we arranged the whole holiday around going to the game.

We stayed in Spain we got an APARTMENT with a shared pool and air conditioning for two weeks for the same price we would have payed for one week in an equipped tent in Perpignan.

The part of spain is really nice, good beaches , scenery and places to visit. Had day trips to Barcelona ( a must see) and Girona

We hired a car for two weeks and spent a lot of time on the beach and visiting a lot of the places where Salvador Dali lived and work etc.

Drove to Perpignan about an hour and a half and spent all day there. Enjoyed it . Most of those who go an about how great it is are middle aged blokes who spend all their time sitting around in the bars in Perpignan getting p!ssed. If i am being honest there is a lot more in Spain particularly if you have young kids. A couple of days in perpignan if you have kids is enough to see it all.
The other advantage of spain is the cost of living is a lot cheaper. Food and Drink appeared much, much cheaper.
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PostSubject: Re: Did you go to Catalans?   

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Did you go to Catalans?
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